Free 3D CAD Models – Sprocket Models Now Available

by User Not Found | Dec 11, 2015

Need to add a sprocket to your design? Now Martin offers free downloadable sprocket CAD Drawings for our stock sprockets product offering.  Models are available for a wide variety of software systems and versions including SolidWorks, AutoCAD and more. Both 2D & 3D CAD Models are available. 

Downloading the sprocket CAD Models you need is quick and easy – here’s how it works:

Downloading Sprocket CAD Models

  • Click the product link on the top menu www.martinsprocket.com and locate the type of Sprocket need.
  • Use the product search on the left and enter your part dimensions to locate the sprocket you need. If a CAD Drawing is available for the product, there will be a CAD Drawing tab on the product detail page. In our example we’re configuring a sprocket with two chain rows, for an 80 Chain, with a hub and 42 teeth (ex.D80B42).
    Sprocket CAD Models
  • After selecting the CAD Drawing tab, quickly register and accept the basic Terms and Conditions (we promise no funny business - just basic legal terms).
  • From there you will be taken to the page where the CAD Models reside and you can download everything you need.
    Note: Registration is required once per session, or until you log off your computer. Acceptance of our terms is required each time you move between different product groups.)

3D Sprocket CAD Model Downloads

  • The item configured will be seen in a 3D version in the viewer window. The item can be changed or configured to any other product within that group.  In this example you can change the pitch and tooth count to view any double strand, reborable sprocket. 
  • Select Update Preview (at bottom of “Configure” box) to see the newly selected item in the viewer window.
    CAD Model Download Instructions 3D
  • Fun tip: Be sure to play around with the options at the bottom of the preview. You can animate the model, flip it, or chop it in half. Our engineering team says you get bonus points if you make funny noises as you toggle the options!

2D Sprocket CAD Model Downloads

  • Selecting the Preview 2D button above the viewer window will allow you to view the 2D drawing of that item. 
  • Again, you can change the chain pitch and / or number of teeth then you must select Update Preview to view the product in the viewer window.
  • Selecting Download will create that 2D Drawing and reflect in a pop-up window that the model is ready.
    ;Sprocket CAD Drawing Download 
  • Selecting the Part Name (ex. Double-Strand-Sprocket) will prompt you to Open or Save the drawing.  Either option will allow you access to that 2D drawing.

Feel free to bookmark our product page as we’ll be adding additional models for other product lines in the near future. Don’t forget to specify a Roller Chain Sprocket, Engineering Sprocket, or Idler Sprocket from Martin a for your project for a reliable, quality part you can count on.

Have questions about Martin-Made Sprockets or specific product measurements? Request more information to speak with an expert.

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