MPC® Synchronous Sprockets for Positive Drive Systems

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As manufacturers throughout the US seek new ways to cut costs, improve energy efficiency, and comply with an ever-growing list of regulations from the Department of Energy (DOE) – electric motor driven systems are a large area of focus for industrial businesses. According to the DOE, manufacturing operations in the US spend $30 billion annually on electricity powering motor-driven systems, causing industrial experts to consider energy efficient synchronous drive units as an alternative to v-belt drive systems.

In addition to energy efficiency synchronous drives are also used:

  • When an industrial application necessitates carrying more torque or horsepower
  • To avoid the risk of expensive downtime & routine maintenance costs
  • To reduce the overall size of the drive system
  • With wash-down applications for food processing & beverage facilities utilizing Stainless Steel Sprockets & Bushings
  • As OEM replacement & engineered systems

Curvilinear belt, bushings, and low-maintenance Synchronous Sprockets complete these powerful, efficient drive units. With it’s MPC® Sprockets, Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-capacity Synchronous Sprockets.

MPC® Sprocket FeaturesSynchronous Sprockets for Polychain Belts

MPC® Sprockets are manufactured in various sizes, dimensions and capacities to meet a variety of industrial requirements. This includes a wide range of loads, speeds, and demanding applications such as blowers, conveyors, pumps & mixers.

Martin stocks these sprockets with reboreable stock bores as well as Taper Bushings, producing a positive, press fit to shaft. The MPC Sprockets are also available made to order with a QD style bushing or other adapters. 

Designed to run in today’s higher horsepower applications, these Synchronous Sprockets provide a relatively quiet alternative to other low-gear, high-torque applications. In addition to less noise, MPC synchronous drives require less maintenance without the need to retention & lubricate the drive.

Need a Synchronous Sprocket? Choose Martin.

Martin carries the largest inventory of precision manufactured synchronous sprockets from high-quality North American steel or cast iron and offers made-to-order synchronous sprockets in stainless steel, aluminum, and non-metallic materials.  

Unlike belt companies who source Synchronous Sprockets out to third-party manufacturers, Martin Sprocket & Gear reliably delivers quality stock and made-to-order synchronous sprockets to meet any emergency timeline. Martin offers re-bores, alterations and made-to-order sprockets in days, not weeks.

By utilizing Martin MPC in conjunction with Martin Bushings you are assured of superior quality with the added benefit of component compatibility. 

If you need a Synchronous Sprocket to complete your drive and have your system running quickly, look to the industry’s trusted brand for Synchronous Sprockets – Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc.

Interested in learning more about MPC® Sprockets? Click here to view our Synchronous Product Catalog.

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