Martin Clean Flight® Wing Pulleys Deliver Improved Material Rejection & Reduced Vibration

by User Not Found | Nov 21, 2016

Martin’s Clean Flight® Wing Pulley is quickly becoming the answer to the industry’s toughest environments.  The Clean Flight® Wing is a drop-in replacement for a traditional Wing Pulley. The solid-steel wing flights are oriented in a herringbone pattern to provide exceptional material rejection.

The traditional Wing Pulley contacts material at a right angle, resulting in a state of repose. The angled flight provided on a Martin Clean Flight® Wing allows material to seamlessly travel to the point of rejection. The herringbone orientation has also shown an advantage in the reduction of noise and vibration.

The Martin Clean Flight® Wing maintains continuous contact with the belt while in operation, which has shown a 22% reduction in operating decibels.  The Martin Clean Flight® Wing has also received positive feedback on its belt tracking characteristics. The herringbone design of the flights naturally provides tracking. If requested, the Clean Flight® Wing can also be supplied with a crown profile to alleviate any belt tracking concerns.

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In a recent application, a kitty litter manufacturer eliminated daily maintenance to keep the tail section of 4 critical Bucket Elevators clean, which led to 1.5 hours of downtime each day. Martin’s field support team was able to quickly identify issues with existing standard Tail Pulleys and recommended replacing them with Clean Flight® Wing Pulleys to improve material rejection.

Read more to learn how the Martin field support team helped the manufacturer recover 225 hours of productivity.

Robust Construction for Tough Applications

Martin’s Clean Flight® Wing pulleys are available in Standard Duty (1/2” Flight), Mine Duty (3/4” Flight) and Quarry Duty (1” Flight) to tackle the toughest applications. The required duty is determined by the lump size and operating environment. Additional options are also available in regards to the flight spacing, bushing styles, material thicknesses and continuous welding. 

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