MartinTips: Wing Pulleys - It’s All About the Pipe-End!

by Elfie Fuentes | Feb 24, 2017
  • Improved Pipe-End Construction
  • Importance of Maximum Wing Height

Martin has expertise in a wide variety of Wing Pulley types

Martin manufactures all Wing Pulleys using a different construction method to other major Pulley manufacturers in North America. 

The Martin Wing Pulley offers numerous strength benefits that help to combat many of the most common Wing Pulley failure modes.

WingComparisonWhy Have Pipe-End Construction? 

All Martin Wing Pulleys are built around a pipe in both ends with a minimum 4" long weld on both sides of the Wings. This offers a much stronger core than tack welding the Wings directly to the hub.


Importance of Maximum Wing Height 

When belt tension is increased on the conveyor system, the weakest link is often the Wings on the Wing Pulley.  Martin uses a maximum Wing height of 6" so it does not require reinforcing rings on any Pulleys. Reinforcing rings are often troublesome due to rocks getting jammed and not discharging. The 6" maximum Wing height drastically reduces the chance of Wing fold over.


thickBars  Heavy Wing & Contact Bars

Minimum .250" thick Wings and .375" × 1.25" contact bars on standard duty Wing Pulleys.

Integral End-Disc Construction

Available on any Wing Pulley and is often the standard construction method. 

The hub is machined directly into the End-Disc mounted inside the Pipe-End eliminating the hub to end plate connection. 

Also Available:

Wing Lagging (rubber and urethane)

Spiral Wrapped Wing Pulley


Clean Flight® Wing



Fun Fact

Weight is typically a common selling feature on Martin Drum Pulleys but it can be different on a Martin Wing Pulley. 

By using a larger Pipe-End and shorter Wing heights, the overall weight of the Pulley could be lighter than the competition even using heavier Wings and Contact Bars. 

THAT’S OK AS LONG AS YOU KNOW WHY the Martin Wing Pulley could be lighter than the competition.

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