Documented $375,000 Saving with Martin Metal Detectable Coupling

by Elfie Fuentes | Jul 18, 2017
  • Food manufacturer routinely experienced food contamination.
  • Martin developed a specialty coupling to reduce breakage and help pinpoint future issues.


A large snack food manufacturer routinely experienced issues with product contamination due to a Coupling failure. This resulted in customer complaints, returned packages with pieces of a coupling sleeve, and large quantities of wasted food product when the contaminant could not be precisely located between batches.


The Martin field support team consulted with the customer to understand the nature of the issue and helped locate the area of failure. Martin developed a Made-to-Order Quadra-flex Coupling from a special metal detectable polymer with FDA compliant additive to aid in pinpointing contamination in the future.

MTO Metal Detectable Coupling


The polymer reduced Coupling breakage issues and ensured that the manufacturer would be able to quickly pinpoint any broken material in the future to avoid wasted product. The Made-to-Order Coupling saved the company an estimated $375,000 in annual savings.

Bottom-Line Results

The food manufacturer’s calculated an increase of annual production of $375,000, thanks to Martin’s Made-to-Order solution.

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