Company Overview & Capabilities Videos

Industry Runs on Martin Parts New Video

Industrial experts rely on Martin for three simple reasons: we deliver quality product, we offer the industry’s largest inventory of stock parts to meet any schedule, and we do whatever it takes to take care of our customers.

Martin Synchronous Sprockets New Video

Martin offers a better solution for industries' synchronous drives. They are completely compatible with today's high performance belts, so you never need to worry about fit again.

MartinV-Belt Sheaves New Video

Martin serves the V-drive industry with extensive stock inventories, the capacity to meet larger quantity requirements, and the versatility to respond quickly to made to order applications.

Martin History

See how Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc. grew from humble beginnings in 1951 to a global leader in Power Transmission & Material Handling solutions.

Forge & Foundry

See how Martin's forge shop and foundry make it possible to manufacture stock items and custom products locally.  This video gives the viewer an inside look at our forge hammers, hydraulic press, and our casting capabilities.


1 Day Rebore

Martin's strategically located 1 day rebore shops are equipped and ready to serve your emergency alteration needs. We are capable of altering our parts of all different sizes. We offer heat treat services, welding, milling, drilling, and much more. Martin is the one that you can rely on for one day alterations.

Made to Order

Martin's regional facilities have in house engineers, who can produce custom designs quickly. Their on hand raw material allows them to begin manufacturing your custom part today, making order expediting easy. Quality checks throughout the manufacturing process ensure accuracy, and we have a wide variety of capabilities to suit your custom product needs.

Regional Capabilities

Martin's regional facilities have a wide variety of capabilities to suit your custom needs. We have the ability to regionally manufacture sprockets, gears, sheaves, material handling products, conveyor pulleys, and much more. Our in house machinery and staff, give Martin the ability to deliver your custom made parts in days, not weeks. With in house heat treat, welding, and raw material, Martin is ready to build what you need.

Process Overview

Martin is a global leader in manufacturing of power transmission and material handling products.  Catch a glimpse of how we get the job done in this manufacturing overview video.


Warehouse & Inventory

Martin takes pride in their massive inventory, with the capability to fill orders for stock product with a 98% fill rate. They have 23 strategically located stocking centers available to serve all industries within days, not weeks. When it comes to inventory, Martin is the one that you can rely on.

Heavy-Duty Conveyor Pulley

Martin's regional facilities have the capability to manufacture Heavy-Duty Conveyor Pulleys in days, not weeks. They can manufacture crown faced drum pulleys up to 60" diameter with a 75" face, wing pulleys up to 48" diameter, and have the ability to lag or relag pulleys to extend product life.

Sintered Metal

Martin's sintered metal plant, located in Paragould, AR, uses a multitude of sintered steel presses to manufacture stock parts in high volumes. Their presses range from 60 Tons to 2000 Tons and average around 750 Tons. Our in house engineering and drafting department allow for flexibility in design and the freedom to create our own tooling for custom parts.

Cutting Teeth

Martin has three methods of cutting teeth.  See Martin’s single pass machines, hobbers and shaper cutters as they cut Sprocket and Gear teeth.

Multi-Strand Sprockets and Groove Cutting

Martin has the capability to groove multi-strand sprockets and sheaves both conventionally and by CNC. See it in action in this video.

Laser Cutter

Laser Cutting capabilities ensure that Martin Material Handling components are precise, which means superior operation, easier installation, and better alignment.

Water Jet

With 87,500 PSI of pressure, Water Jet cutters allow Martin to cut up to 5 inches of thick steel plate precisely and accurately.

Burn Table

Martin uses a variety of computer programmed Burn Tables to quickly cut plate for made-to-order and stock parts. See it in operation in this video.

Heat Treatment

Martin offers Heat Treating via induction machines, hand torches and horizontal scanners to harden parts up to 105 inches in diameter.

Robotic Manufacturing

Martin produces CEMA catalog shafts with a state-of-the-art automated robot cell. A single cell can output up to 500 to 750 shafts per day. 

Machining Plastic

See how Martin machines plastic Power Transmission components to fit a variety of applications such as food, waste water, chemical and more.

CNC Milling

Watch to learn how Martin mills a variety of made-to-order and stock parts with programmable CNC milling machines.

Large CNC Milling

See one of Martin’s Large CNC Mills in operation. These mills allow Martin to cut teeth and machine lightening holes, as well as custom drilling all in one process.

Super Turning Lathe

See an inside look at Martin's super turning shaft lathe that can machine shafting that weighs up to 20,000 pounds! 


Martin has variable capacity in its welding departments, with the use of automatic and manual welding to ensure the structural integrity of parts and components.