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Our Philosophy

Joe's Code

Own your own territory and
take care of our customers

Success in business requires a strategic approach: Know your customers and competitors intimately, take responsibility for your actions and outcomes, build lasting relationships based on trust, and cultivate an owner's mentality to drive sustained growth and excellence.

Run your facility and
take care of our people

Effective leadership is grounded in personal responsibility for both your facility and team. Cultivate a positive work culture by treating your people with the respect you seek, maintaining visibility, approachability, and availability. Foster a collaborative environment through effective communication to ensure the success and well-being of your team.

Add something
to the ballgame

Unlocking success demands a creative mindset: think innovatively, leverage your unique talents to contribute value to the business, embrace change, and resist the lure of the status quo. By cultivating a culture of innovation, you pave the way for continuous improvement and sustained growth in the dynamic business landscape.

Make sure you have
your priorities right

Maintain a relentless focus on the greater purpose of your work: consistently question the alignment of your efforts with the well-being of our customers, our people, and our company. Identify and prioritize tasks that truly move the needle, avoiding distractions from low-priority activities. This disciplined approach ensures that your contributions directly contribute to the success and prosperity of the organization.

Always back to the basics ‐
quality, service, low-cost producer

Simplify your approach and avoid unnecessary complexities; any tasks that deviate from these guiding principles represent a futile allocation of effort. By adhering to these fundamental principles, you ensure a streamlined and effective workflow that maximizes the value of your efforts.

How to get big
and stay small.

Strategically navigate the path to business expansion by discovering avenues for scalability while preserving the core qualities that initially led to our success. Maintain agility and adaptability in response to the dynamic and evolving market landscape. Uphold the personal touch that distinguishes us, recognizing that in a world of choices, it is our connection with customers that sets us apart.


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