Martin Modular Plastic Screw Conveyors are plastic modules that consist of a helical flight spiraling once around a hollow square hub. The plastic screws eliminate the need to spot or continuously weld metal flights to the shaft. Some advantages of modular plastic screw conveyors include that the all-plastic material does not corrode, is impervious to acids, caustics and other chemicals, they are FDA approved for food contact, highly resistant to corrosion, and the slick surface simplifies cleaning.

 Benefits of
 Martin Modular Plastic Screw Conveyors:

Bonded Construction Screws:
  • FDA Approved
  • Individual Modules and end caps are all heat fused together to eliminate any risk of product contamination
  • External end cap design results in a total elimination of cracks & crevices on the conveyor screw
Industrial Construction: 
  • Light weight construction reduces horsepower requirements & prolongs bearing life
  • Modules are individually replaceable
  • Excellently balanced to allow for high speed operations


 Common Applications:

Ice Handling | Poultry | Meat | Agricultural | Food Waste Handling

Modular Plastic Conveyor Screws